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Why EcoReco Scooters Are The Best

With the world focusing on going green, many people are looking for alternative forms of transportation that aren’t so dependent on gasoline. A green commuting solution is good for the environment, and can save you money. Like many things that were popular in the 90s, scooters are making a comeback as a preferred method of transportation, especially for millennials. There are lots of scooter options out there, but here are four reasons why EcoReco Scooters are the best choice.
  1. They’re Battery Powered
Unlike razor scooters, the EcoReco Scooters are battery powered, so you won’t get sweaty using them to commute to work. Plus, its battery is rechargeable, taking you ten to twenty miles per charge.  
  1. They’re Portable
EcoReco Scooters are easy to ride and easy to take wherever you go. Our scooters take just a few seconds to fold up to 3’x1’x6” so you can take it anywhere. Pack it up when you’re grabbing coffee or at the grocery store. It’s small enough to fit into a locker or under a desk. Charge the EcoReco using any standard outlet. You’ll never have to worry about running out of battery when you’re on the go.  
  1. They’re Fast
If you’re looking for alternate ways to commute to and from work, you don’t want to add too much extra travel time. The EcoReco Scooter goes up to twenty miles per hour with a 250 pounds of loading. It’s much quicker than walking or riding a regular scooter, without the extra strain.  
  1. They’re Fun
Who doesn’t love riding scooters? It’ll make you nostalgic for your childhood. They’re way more fun than riding bikes, especially since you can take them so many more places. The EcoReco Scooter even has a universal mount for gadgets like cameras and GoPros.