Register as an EcoReco owner is recommended to follow up with your case
Let's start with the questions below after you register:

Is the scooter dash on?
Is the scooter on?
Are all the connections securely in place? Does the scooter charge after adjusting the plugs?
(1) For M and S scooters, Check battery fuse by following these instructions (PDF). Is the problem fixed?

(2) For all scooters, check the connector labeled “#4 throttle” that is connecting the throttle unit to the motor controller. Make sure all the pins are not loose/ fell-off, you could just insert it completely and glue it or tie it with zip tip to fix them in position.
(3) Visual check all connectors to ensure good contacts.
Please fill out the Service Form so you can get the replacement parts from us or from a dealer.
Check out and follow the instructions (PDF) here to install the parts.
You can also bring it to our dealer and get it serviced.

A friendly reminder:
Please make sure to tighten the hand-adjustable nut on top of the stem before riding.
Some of our customers tend to skip that for convenience. As a result, the stress of all the bumping of the rider’s upper body falls on the position pin, which is designed to hold the position not to hold weight., and It would cause the pin/spring to break over time.
This might happen after you store the scooter for a long period of time.
To recalibrate the dash unit is very simple.
Just ride the scooter until it automatically shuts off and charge the scooter for 5-6 straight hours (or to ensure full charge).
By doing so, you recalibrate the 0-100% of the capacity and it should give you 5 bars afterward.