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Frequently Asked Questions

REpair Policy

In the rare event that your scooter is not working properly, you should let us know and we are here to get your scooter on the road soon!!

1. You can try to do troubleshooting yourself to save time and money. We have a holistic guide and youtube videos to help you with that. It is under the Menu >> Support >> Troublehshooting.

2. If you are unable to diagnose the issue, or you need to ship back/ drop-off the scooter for services, please fill out the service form to obtain the Return Material Authorization (RMA) before shipping back the items. Our tech would assist you further. (Some costs might apply. Proof of purchase is needed for any warranty claim.)

3. If you need to ship back the scooter for services, you should expect to pay shipping, replacement parts, and labor costs. Depending on the warranty status and the date of purchase, some of the fees might be waived (see shipping and warranty information in FAQ).

4. The initial diagnostic fee in our Silicon Valley location is $50 for the first 30 mins and a more detailed quotation would be provided for replacement parts costs and additional labor time ($25 per 15 mins) if needed.

5. If the purchase was made through one of our authorized retail dealers, stricter return/refund/service policies of the dealer might apply and the dealer will assist with the request.

6. For any return/service products, the customer would need to contact fill out the service form to obtain the Return Material Authorization (RMA) before shipping back the items. Please refer to our policies in RMA claims under the maintenance & service tab. Any items shipped back without RMA is considered a donation and EcoReco has the full rights to discard the item.

7. All customizations, or accessories on the scooter needs to be removed before the shipment is made. EcoReco is not responsible for non-standard modification of the scooter.

8. The space of our repair workshop is limited. Please only request the services when you can communicate with us frequently. If a customer is unresponsive to our emails/calls regarding the RMA unit or fail to pay for the agreed service/parts fees for more than 14 days (and multiple reminders), the RMA items are considered abandoned. EcoReco has the full rights to discard the item as EcoReco repair workshop is not a storage facility.

Please understand we are a startup company trying to promote energy efficiency and green alternative. We believe during your scooter research, you would know our product is not only the best last mile transportation but also a great value and affordable. We stand behind our products but we also need to make sure we have a viable business. To do that, please help keep the service and warranty police fair so we can reduce the operation costs and last long to service all our customers for the years to come.

If you have any service request, please submit a EcoReco Service Case. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact