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How long is the EcoReco electric scooter battery life?

It should be good for many years under normal usage

Is the electric scooter street legal?

Mostly yes, but state laws vary on this issue. Some state laws approve the use of electric scooters in bike lanes of general road traffic and some do not. To the best of our knowledge (we are still building it up so don’t hold it against us), e-scooters are street legal in California, Connecticut, Kentucky, Missouri, Nevada, Texas, Virginia and Washington, with many other states expected to follow suit. Some cities/counties have their own rules on light electric vehicles so it’s best to consult with your local transportation authority.

How do you charge the scooter? Does it take 220V?

Our scooter can be charged conveniently using regular wall outlets via the included external charger. The charger is CE certified, and it can take 110-240V, just like most popular consumer electronics. We troublework our best to make your life simpler.

What's the story with the tires? I'd imagine they'll last a long time, but might need to be replaced eventually. Is this the case, and how would we go about replacing them?

We designed the solid rubber wheel to be easily replaceable. Just unscrew and swap. We also have a patent on the rear wheel that you can replace the tire without affecting the integrated motor. Please visit Buy for the scooter page for parts and accessories.

Are you guys going to have live demo near me? I think it would be a hit.

Yes. please visit our dealer map and find the closest one to arrange a test ride, or follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with future events.

How well does the electric scooter work in the rain?

We don't recommend operating the scooter in the rain for safety reasons. Your vision is worse, roads are slippery, and it takes longer to stop. It is generally not a good idea to bike or scooter in the rain. However, if you got caught up in the rain on your way home, the e-scooter is water-resist and will still function well. Just remember to wipe the water away and keep it dry once you are indoors to ensure adequate product life. Moisture doesn't mix well with electronics and batteries.

How well can the electic scooter handle a hill?

For an average weighted person, our scooter can take an uphill of 10-12 degree incline (~15% slope), which should be adequate for most streets/roads. We have some riders scooting around San Francisco and they are performing just fine. For notorious uphills, riders can still kickscoot the scooter and propel themselves up the hill, it's still faster than walking or biking

What is the weight limit for a rider?

We recommend up to 250 pounds for best performance even though the mechanics can support heavier riders. Please note that the scooter’s top speed will decrease for heavier riders on flat ground and performance on steeper slopes will be noticeably affected.

What is the range related to different weight riders?

The stated range of 10 to 20 miles was tested on a 170lb rider on flat ground at a steady speed of 13mph. If a heavier rider constantly reaches top speed, brakes frequently, and takes occasionally slopes, the range would be reduced to a more modest 8-13 miles (depending on the rider weight and road conditions). Unfortunately, we are unable to bypass the fundamental laws of Physics : )

What is the age limit for a rider?

The scooter was designed to be operated and transported by an individual of 16 years or older.

How do I lock my EcoReco scooter?

Unlike a bike that can be easily stolen on the street, you can fold an EcoReco scooter up and bring it with you. If bringing the scooter inside with you is not an option, you can always lock the scooter up with a cable or U-lock. An instructional video can be found here

How do I configure my EcoReco's top speed?

You can configure the top speed to 7, 12 or 20 MPH. The instruction can be found here

What are EcoReco's terms of service?

EcoReco team stands 100% behind the quality of EcoReco products, and we would do our best to service our customers. Collecting some key information is critical for EcoReco to fulfill orders and services in a timely and proper manner, such as customer contact info, proof of purchase, scooter info/service history, and etc. EcoReco does not handle returns nor provide services without Return Material Authorization granted by the company in advance and has no obligation to fulfill any order if the information provided is not sufficient.
EcoReco reserves the right to refuse services or fulfill orders to any customer when outside of the normal business practices.

When will I get my EcoReco e-scooter after ordering?

We will ship in 1-2 business to get you on the ride as soon as possible if the product is in stock. For international orders, please expect 3-4 business days as we would do one additional testing before shipping. The transport time via UPS/DHL/USPS depends on your shipping address.

How can I order parts and accessories for my scooter?

You can order the parts and accessories under the "Buy">>"Accessories and spares" tab at the top of the homepage. For replacement parts that are currently not on the list, please contact for details of the order placement.

EcoReco Corp has the rights to obtain scooter ID/purchase/condition information for any tech supports, warranty claims, and parts/accessories purchases, and reserves the rights to refuse/withhold further services/shipments if the information were not provided sufficiently and timely.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We ship internationally. Please order directly on our website and we subsidize your shipping partially by charging a low flat rate. If your international shipping address is remote, EcoReco reserves the right to inform you about covering the additional shipping charges before shipping. Please note that EcoReco would only assist with the international shipping but is not responsible for any delay, customs/duty fees, or rejection of importing goods that might be imposed by your country. For more information or shipping quotes, please contact us at

What is the return policy?

1. 100% money back guarantee if any manufacturing defect makes the scooter and parts beyond repairable or replacement on arrival and out of the box.

2. Full scooter cost refund (minus both way shipping) for the return of an unopened scooter within the 30-day return window.

3. Partial scooter cost refund for the return of an open-box scooter if a customer has a change of heart (buyer's remorse) in the 14-day cooling-off period. The 2-way shipping cost is non-refundable, and 20% restocking fees will be charged. We have to charge the restocking fees because we won't be able to sell the unit as new, and we would need to examine the scooter upon receiving it (full QC again).

4. A return request would not be granted and regular RMA policies apply if (i) there is any notable user-induced damage beyond unusual wears-and-tears on the scooter within the 14-day cooling-off period (for example, bent front suspensions due to an accident, a flat tire and so on), (ii) the unit has been used excessively and collected excessive amount of dirts/muds, or (iii) any customization/modification has been made on the scooter.

5. Store credits for the return of unopened parts and accessories within 30 days. Customers pay for the shipping of the return. Used parts (regardless for operational or for troubleshooting) are not returnable.

6. For any return of products purchased on the website, the customer would need to contact EcoReco first and fill out the service form ( to obtain the Return Material Authorization (RMA) before shipping back the items. Please refer to our policies in RMA claims under the maintenance & service tab.

7. If the purchase was made from one of our authorized retail dealers, stricter return/refund policies of the dealer might apply and the dealer will assist with the request.

Please understand we are a startup company trying to promote energy efficiency and green alternative. We believe during your scooter research, you would know our product is not only the best last mile transportation but also a great value and affordable. We stand behind our products but we also need to make sure we have a viable business. To do that, we have to be very careful in reducing the operation cost, which including educating our customers to make the right choice and keep the return rate low and fair.

I want to be an EcoReco dealer/rep, how do I start?

We are open to collaboration, please contact us at

I'd imagine the wheels will last a long time, but might need to be replaced eventually. Is this the case, and how would I go about replacing them?

We designed the front solid rubber wheel to be easily replaceable. Just unscrew and swap. We also have a patent on the rear wheel that you can replace the tire without changing the integrated motor.

MPH is fast! Can I lower the top speed if needed?

Yes, you can regulate the top speed to 7.5mph or 12.5mph if you like. Read instruction here.

How well does the electric scooter work in the rain?

We don't recommend to operate it in the rain for safety reasons. The vision is worse, the road is more slippery, and it takes longer to stop. It is generally not a good idea to bike or scooter in the rain. However, if you got caught up in the rain on your way home, the e-scooter is water-resist and will still function well. Just remember to wipe the water away and keep it dry once you are indoor to keep the product life long. Moist doesn't go well with electronics and batteries.

What is the weight limit for a rider?

We recommend up to 250 pounds for best performance even though the mechanics can support heavy riders. Please note the scooter’s top speed will decrease for heavier riders on flat ground, but its performance would be noticeably affected on slopes.

How much should I expect to pay if I need to ship the scooter back for services?

If you need to ship back the scooter for services, you should expect to pay shipping, replacement parts, and labor costs. Depending on the warranty status and the date of purchase, some of the fees might be waived (see shipping and warranty information below). The initial diagnostic fee is $40 for the first 30 mins and a more detailed quotation would be provided for replacement parts costs and additional labor time ($20 per 15 mins) if needed.

If you have any service request, please submit a EcoReco Service Case. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact

How high should the pressure in my air tire be?

We recommend 60 to 80 PSI; what is comfortable for each person will vary by weight and riding conditions.

Who is paying for the shipping if I would like to ship the unit back for services?

Who pays what shipping costs would be determined by following policies:
1. If the approved RMA falls within 14 days of purchase, EcoReco covers the cost of shipping of the malfunction parts to and from the domestic customer (in lower 48 states). EcoReco reserves the right to deduct from any refund or collect the shipping costs if it's not due to any manufacturer defects after receiving the product and the inspection.

2. If the RMA inquiry is after the 14 days of purchase; the customer would pay the shipping cost to have the scooter or malfunctioned parts send to EcoReco. After inspection and confirm (1) the scooters is still under the warranty timeframe and (2) the RMA is due to manufacturer defects, EcoReco would repair/exchange and cover the return shipping to the domestic customer (in lower 48 states).

3. If the RMA inquiry is not under the warranty period, both way shipping will be paid by the customer. EcoReco reserves the right to charge for replacement parts and labor associated with performing diagnostics and repair. The customer would get a clearly itemized cost quotation before EcoReco technicians start any services.

4. International (and Hawaii/Alaska) customers are responsible for the international (and Hawaii/Alaska) shipping costs and associated duty fees related to the transportation for any return.

5. EcoReco reserves the rights to ask the customer to send back the items of the RMA claims for inspection/ record before issuing any exchange/ replacement outbound.

6. Non-authorized shipment to EcoReco, personal items shipped with the return package or un-claimed RMA unit 4 weeks after EcoReco repair and notification is considered a gift to The Company and EcoReco has the full right to dispose or ultilize it at will. EcoReco holds no responsibility for receiving, storage and returning of said items.

7. The customer is responsible for using the original boxes to ship back return items to ensure there is no further damage during the transportation. If the original boxes are no long available, the customer is responsible to purchase proper packaging materials from 3rd party to ship back the return items. EcoReco reserves the right to reject the delivery if the return itmes are not packaged properly and/or to deduct the costs of any missing items (charger, battery, scooter parts, boxes, accessories, and etc.. ) and costs of restoration (if further damage occurs) from any potential refund.

What is the warranty on the scooter?

We expressly warrants that each of its products is free from defects in line with the state-of-the-art in terms of materials and manufacturing under normal operating conditions and according to proper use during the warranty periods. Please see the warranty details and windows for new units (ranging from 90 days to 180 days) in the owner's manuals for your specific model. If the original owner registers the scooter within 30 days of the purchase date on our website, the warranty period of battery and motor would be extended another 3 months for S/M/L series. The warranty is not transferable between different models, units or owners. The warranty for RAD (pre-owned/demo/refurbrised/media-review) units sold on our website are 1 month for XS, and 2 months for S/M/L series. If a defect covered by this Limited Warranty arises and you return your Device during the Limited Warranty period, EcoReco will in its sole discretion and to the extent permitted by law repair your Device using new or refurbished parts, replace your Device with a new or refurbished Device functionally at least equivalent to yours. If EcoReco repairs or replaces your Device, the repaired or replaced Device will continue to be warranted for the remaining time of the original warranty period. All returned parts for which you have received a replacement will become the property of EcoReco. Repair or replacement may result in loss of data. Nothing in this Limited Warranty will reduce or otherwise affect your statutory rights in relation to your Device.


1. The EcoReco scooter is delivered fully assembled from the manufacturer. The battery is pre-charged more than 20% out of box for your convenience.

2. Check brakes, handlebars, holding mechanisms, wheels, and screws to ensure they are properly tightened and functional before EACH operation. Do not use the scooter if there is any problem.

3. Adult supervision is required during charging and operation of the scooter.

4. Consult your state’s transportation authorities for the latest regulations before operating the scooter on streets. The scooter can only be used on private property UNLESS it is street legal in the state in which you intend to operate it. (While federal and many state laws approve its legal use in bike lanes, some states/cities consider a motorized scooter not street legal.)

5. Your insurance may not cover accidents involving the scooter. Contact your insurance company for more information.

6. Observe road conditions and follow traffic rules at all times. Your scooter is suitable only for flat surfaces, not for open country, steep hills, or potholes.

7. Do not operate your scooter on wet surfaces or in extreme (cold/hot/humid) weathers.

8. For your safety, do not jump or perform stunts while riding. Doing so may also reduce the product life due to a higher load on folding mechanisms and delicate electronics inside.

9. There is risk of falling while on an EcoReco product. By using a EcoReco product, you assume such risk and take responsibility for your own well-being. EcoReco is not responsible for accidental injury or death arising from use of our products.

10. Non-designated use of the scooter will cause the warranty to become void. All modifications to increase performance/speed or generally alter the fundamental features of the scooter endanger the operational safety while reducing the service life of your scooter. Modifications of the scooter immediately voids the manufacturer warranty. Some modifications may be considered a criminal offense and be subject to fines or prosecution by law.

Disclaimer: Due to product updates and new product iterations,

products received may have slight variations from current images on the website