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Ways to Make Your Commute Safer

When you’re commuting to and from work, it’s easy to completely zone out and let your mind wander. You’re listening to music or the radio, watching the sky or talking to the other people around you. Most accidents happen on the roads you travel most, so those five days a week you’re commuting are when you’re most likely to get into an accident. Here are some ways to make your commute safer.

Wear a Helmet

If you ride a bike or a scooter to work, be sure to wear a helmet while you’re riding. If you’re head is exposed and you get into an accident, you could get seriously hurt. Even a relatively small fall can leave you seriously injured if you hit your head the wrong way. Wearing a helmet might look dorky, but it can keep you from major issues if you fall.

Pay Attention to Road Signals

This seems like it should be obvious, but it’s so common that people don’t pay attention to road signs and signals. People are so used to driving, biking, riding or walking their usual commutes that they zone out and barely register what’s going on around them. All it takes is one new sign or signal to throw off your routine. Watch the lights, signs and crosswalks every day.

Use Smart Headphones

Listening to music, the radio or podcasts while you’re commuting makes the time go by faster and makes going to and from work a lot more pleasant. When you’re in the car, you should never wear headphones. Use the radio and the car’s stereo system to play music. You can even use your phone. When biking, walking or some other alternative mode of transportation, it can be dangerous to wear headphones. You can’t always hear what’s going on around you, so you could collide with another walker or biker, or not hear a car coming. If you do need to listen to music, radio or the news, try traveling with Concept N, a new wireless headphone that lets you listen to music and hear what’s going on around you.