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Tips to Make Your Commutes Easier

Traffic is hectic and unpredictable. It takes away from the day and may cause a person to miss out on significant events. Getting stuck in traffic can also be costly because it causes a person to spend excess money on gas and car services. Here are some tips that will help you save money and make your commutes easier: 

Avoid Rush Hour 

Rush hour is the time frame where traffic is typically heavier than usual. Avoiding rush hour helps you save time and money. To skip rush hour traffic, it’s important to plan your schedule accordingly. If you have an event in the morning, plan to set out for the location an hour earlier. On the other hand, if you’re leaving work in the evening, plan to leave the office an hour later. The extra time allows you to catch up on work and get ahead your schedule for the next day. Either way, this gives you time to focus and not get stuck in rush hour traffic. 

Carpooling and Public Transport 

Carpooling is a great idea that will help you save money and time! Try finding co-workers that live within the same radius as you. Create a driving schedule for each week. Depending on your work schedule, rotate vehicles every few days and repeat the cycle. Carpooling helps reduce your gas spending and car services. You won’t have to worry about taking your car to the mechanic for oil changes and tire rotations every other month. 

Additionally, public transport such as trains or buses may also make your commutes easier. It’s less stressful and gives you time to check emails, read a book, listen to music, etc. You don’t have to worry about gas or providing services to the vehicles. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about traffic when using a train for transportation. 

Learn Different Routes 

Learning different routes help make your commutes less stressful. Whenever there’s traffic on your main route, you’ll have alternative options that won’t leave you sitting in traffic for hours. A useful tip is to check your estimated arrival time using a navigation app such as Apple or Google maps. These apps will show you if your main route has heavy traffic, and also give you alternative routes to take to avoid traffic. 

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