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Tips to Help Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Greenhouse gas emissions cause heat to become trapped within the atmosphere. This leads to higher temperatures, which ultimately contributes to global warming. Human activities are one of the major contributing factors to increased greenhouse gas emissions. If gas concentrations continue to rise, this can impact both humans and wildlife. Here are a few tips on how to limit greenhouse gas emissions. 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 

The three R’s: reduce, reuse, and recycle. These three components are very important to help preserve our planet. Reducing your purchase of items helps lower manufacturing labor, which contributes to greenhouse emissions. 

When you reuse items, they don’t end up in the trash can, landfill, or ocean. This is great for our planet because when items such as plastics are thrown away, it takes years to decompose. When this happens, toxins used to make the plastic are slowly being released into the atmosphere. Not only does this impact human and wildlife health, but it also contributes to greenhouse emissions. 

Recycling is a great way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. When a person recycles, this helps reduce manufacturing labor, which decreases greenhouse gas emissions. It takes less labor for companies to reuse old parts of a product compared to completely making a new one. Most plastics and glass are recyclable; if you’re done using an item, simply place it in a recycling bin, or contact your local city government to see if there’s one near you. 

Limit Driving 

Everyone requires transportation. Whether you’re going to work, a doctor’s visit, or simply the grocery store. Although transportation is essential, limiting your drives can positively impact the environment. Instead of driving to work every day, see if you can carpool with a friend or coworker that lives within the same radius as you. This helps lower the greenhouse gas emissions caused by cars and public transportation. Additionally, when grocery shopping, try to purchase two weeks of groceries instead of one week; this reduces gas emissions in the atmosphere as well. 

Equally important, driving everywhere is not necessary. If your destination isn’t too far from you, don’t be afraid to walk instead of driving. Not only does this save you gas, but it also reduces gas emissions in the atmosphere. 

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