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Say goodbye to stolen bikes!

Face it! Your beloved bikes had been stolen (many times)!
Unless you want to modify your bike into a giant lock, the BEST solution to keep your personal transportation for a long time is to keep it close every time, like carrying an EcoReco scooter.

We recently got a message from our San Francisco EcoReco rider, Jeff. And he talked about a similar issue and his solution:

"I have been looking for an electric bike for a while, but as an experienced commuter, I know that bikes are big, clunky, and get stolen frequently," ...
"More importantly, a bike can just be a pain to get around some places, to find a spot to park, or sometimes to "deal" with when you suddenly need to use it along with car or Bart. All of the concerns in mind, I began to look more into an electric scooter."

Unlike a bike, you can bring an EcoReco with you everywhere, slide it under chairs, store it in the car trunk or even just simply put it in a GYM locker.
It is designed for your peace of mind and ultimate convenience.
For extra security, there are various ways to secure your EcoReco e-scooter.
Check it out and enjoy the personal mobility redefined!