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How electric scooter can be a help in covid-19 environment?

Covid-19 has undoubtedly changed the way we live

Covid-19 has globally impacted the ways we live and work. Human beings' mobility is counted as the most significant factor defining the way one lives and works and the pandemic has affected it by and large.

The post lockdown scenario undoubtedly redefines human mobility, especially in urban jungles. This is because people living in cities are avoiding public transportations in the recent past to follow local health authorities' guidelines. Thus we can say that people would depend more on efficient ways to travel.

When there have been restrictions imposed on crowding and specifically avoiding public places, people might be keen to switch to a more personal form of transportation. Thus, with people seeking new transportation options, e-scooters and bikes could be the new normal.

Therefore, as we emerge from lockdowns, micro-mobility devices such as these foldable e-scooters could gain traction as they would reduce urban congestion keeping the daily commute safe

E-scooters, in particular, can be a more economical solution for a daily commute. When people choose to avoid public transportation and shared rides, they could be choosing to drive a car alone.But it's more costly in terms of operating costs, parking, and in some cases, initial investment.

Areas where E-scooters help to fight back against the impacts of Covid-19

With people seeking alternative transportation options due to the pandemic, there is an urge to change the way they commute and travel. Out of all alternatives, an e-scooter is greener and so it contributes to overall environmental conservation.

Social distancing norms and self-sterilization methods could be followed in a better way when people switch over to electric scooters and e-bikes for daily up-downs.

There will be greater exposure to these micro-mobility devices since e-scooters might help the essential workers and frontline warriors(the people who have been risking their lives in doing their duty) as a great option to travel between their workplace and homes. 

Moreover, e-scooters could be a perfect option for the delivery of essential goods(food and medical supplies) across the communities when there have been strict restrictions imposed due to the lockdown.

More and more people could turn to e-scooters and e-bikes for commuting.

As the restrictions of the lockdown ease, people would certainly be more inclined to travel on personal, socially distanced, and emission-free modes of transport.

Electric riding scooters and e-bikes could be the new priority to meet the people's growing demands as the lockdowns ease restrictions.  

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