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Green Christmas Gifting – It’s a Thing!

In this season of giving and getting, it might seem hard to find the perfect gift for family and friends and still stick to the green values you live by the rest of the year. The good news is, more and more people are interested in ecopreservation, and it’s getting easier and easier to “Give Green,” and even save a little of the other green in the process. Here at EcoReco Scooters, we were early adopters of the ‘go green’ movement, and we’re happy to share a few gifting suggestions with you!

Gifts on their Behalf:

This is probably the oldest and most well-known way to make a difference in your giving. Various charities will let you donate a farm animal, clean water well, cookstoves, even tracts of land in rainforests and nature preserves in someone’s name. You can even double down by giving through a charity that advances conservation as well, like the World Wildlife Fund. One of our favorites is Cool Effect – they not only help people and animals in poorer areas, but all of their projects verifiably reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and 90% of your donation goes directly to the projects. Another is CarbonFund, a non-profit that allows you to buy down your carbon footprint – for individuals and businesses.

Gifts that Minimize Waste:

This is an easy one, even though a lot of people don’t think of it when they consider ‘going green.’ How many things in your life do you use once, then throw away? Why not help a friend help our planet by getting them reusable containers? Bento Boxes, salad containers, reusable lunch bags, even Tupperware are good options. How about cloth towels or napkins instead of paper towels? Why not a reusable water filter, along with PBA-free reusable water bottles? And there’s always a lunch box and thermos.

Gifts of Energy Saving Technology:

Do you know how much energy is wasted on traditional thermostats and AC units? Or how much water gets flushed down the drain? Water or Energy saving technology isn’t just for ‘smart houses.’ Even a non-techie can get a programmable thermostat that restores their desired temperature right before they get home, rather than running all day. And for the tech savvy, connect with smart phone apps for even more control of thermostat, light switches, even the front door.

Re-Gifting the Right Way:

It might take a little more effort to locate, but consider looking for upcycled or recycled versions of products from furniture to jewelry to clothing, as well as doormats, purses, and various other items made from re-purposed previously loved items.

Handmade Gifts:

Almost all of us did this at least once growing up, made our parents or siblings something with our own hands – and likely the person you gave it to still has it. Handmade gifts can be cheaper, but are imbued with extra love because you made it personally for your loved one. And it doesn’t have to be knitting a sweater, or macramé-ing a plant holder. These days you can craft homemade candles, lip balms and jewelry, among many other things. If you’re good in the kitchen, why not give homemade jams or preserves, infused liquors, or your own baking jars and homemade candy.

Gifts of Experience:

Instead of another thing to put on a shelf or in a closet or hide away and then drag out when the person comes to visit artwork and tchotchkes, how about giving them memories? Wine tastings, pottery classes, museum passes, tickets to Hamilton, or tours you can walk or bike are great gifts that people will remember for years.

Gifts in the Great Outdoors:

Similar to the last category, how about giving a reason to put down the TV remote or the video game controller and step outside! Rock climbing lessons, camping vouchers, membership in a gym or outdoors club, like kayaking or mountain biking.


Of course, a very popular gift this year seems to be our very own EcoReco Scooters. Get outdoors and enjoy the fresh breeze, along with the wind in your hair as you zip down to the local coffee shop, the train station or the baseball field. EcoReco Scooters are all-electric, energy efficient and safe for the environment, while being portable enough to easily carry, and can charge quickly from a standard outlet. It doesn’t matter if you’re a commuter, student or a major league baseball player, EcoReco Scooters are the perfect gift for the holidays!