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EcoReco Scooters Go Back to School - College Campus Alternatives

Across the country, as the leaves start to change and the temperatures cool (for most of us), thoughts inevitably turn towards the beginning of the school year. Whether you’re packing up the car for the Freshman year road trip, running the kids to the airport, or just sending them across town, why not add a little something that will make their college life easier? It doesn’t matter if it’s cross-campus trips, or the weekly jaunt to the grocery store, laundromat or, let’s face it, a fast food chain, there’s one back to school gift that will make their trips faster, and ultimately more affordable for you: an electric scooter. Specifically, an EcoReco Scooter.


Let’s start with the concern on most parents minds – safety. Of course, you should always wear a helmet when piloting an EcoReco Scooter. Beyond that, every EcoReco Scooter comes equipped with a standard safe-start throttle and anti-jerking accelerator. That means it won’t go until you want to go. EcoReco Scooters utilize a rear-drive architecture, full-size handlebars, finger-operated throttle and a long foot deck for a safe and stable, not to mention comfortable ride, and maximizes uphill climb-ability. A multi-mode LED display lets you see at a glance the speed, battery status, odometer, trip distance and total charge. Eyes are kept on the road, rather than trying to decode a bunch of numbers and symbols. The brakes are our most innovative design – when you pull the handbrake, the EcoReco Scooter first cuts the throttle, then applies the brakes to the rear wheel, ensuring a safe and smooth stop.


Dorm rooms aren’t known for having a lot of extra space. But no worries! The EcoReco Scooter folds up in seconds to a mere 3' x 1' x 1/2' for storage almost anywhere – even a school or gym locker! The weight is only about 34 pounds, so even if you have to climb a few flights of stairs, it’s no sweat. The EcoReco Scooter is built with a high-quality, yet low maintenance aluminum frame, so you don’t have to worry about calls home complaining about problems. Hopefully, it’s just the calls to ask for money and food!


Nothing says college student quite like having very little money. EcoReco is perfect for the college lifestyle. It only costs about $1.00 in electricity to go 500 miles! Plus, utilizing an EcoReco can allow your student to rent a cheaper room off campus and still make it to all their classes and social events while still being productive. And there’s no need to spend money on a car to look cool and get places. That leaves a lot of extra dough for Ramen and macaroni & cheese.

Perfect for Social Justice Warriors

Your student can stand proud as a savior of the environment while riding the EcoReco Scooter! It’s all electric, so there are no fuel emissions. In fact, the Lithium Iron Phosphate battery is non-toxic, so there’s no emissions whatsoever. Plus, it charges rapidly from any standard wall outlet without heating up and can provide up to 20 miles of travel on a single charge. And if your kid’s in film school or just likes posting a lot on YouTube, there’s a universal mount that can be used for a variety of items, but works great with a GoPro camera rig. So what are you waiting for? Pick up a EcoReco Scooter on our website!