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E-scooters or E-bikes-Which is the right choice for you?

Anyone who lives in the hustle & bustle of urban areas prefers more lightweight modes of transportation. We all hate getting stuck in those long traffic jams, and no one desires it. Therefore, people have started turning to better transportation modes such as electric bikes and electric scooters for a daily commute. As electric vehicles are becoming more effective and affordable, E-bikes and standing electric scooters have become increasingly convincing alternatives to conventional transportation modes. 

So, let's know more about these two types of modern vehicles to help you choose the best fit for yourself. 

E-scooters or E-bikes?

Classified as a form of micro-mobility, an electric scooter(also known as an E-scooter) is similar to a two-wheeled manual scooter, except a motor runs it. Learning to ride an electric scooter is much more comfortable and becomes habitual if practiced regularly. E-scooters are smaller, lighter, and easier to manage, so they facilitate ease of use. Moreover, owning an electric scooter is a cost-effective means of transportation. 

E-bikes, on the other hand, bring in the highest quality of comfort levels while riding. The use of E-bikes brings in the pedal-assist function rather than being a fully automated system. It means that the rider still needs to exert to pedal and make the motor function. E-bikes can run faster and so cover more distance in less time. 

Let's now draw a comparison between the two on the various factors associated with them. This comparison would undoubtedly help you conclude and choose for yourself the better out of the two.

Here's the breakdown that suggests which of the two could be the best for you!

1) Compactness 

The foldable electric scooters are more comfortable to carry and thus are more compact and convenient. Its portability also makes it the perfect option for sightseeing in a crowded environment. The ease of storage makes them highly suitable to be carried anywhere you want. On the other hand, E-bikes may not be that easy to store as they require bigger storage space.

2) Convenience 

No special attire is required while riding an E-scooter. Any dress, including suits, skirts, clothes, high-heels, can be worn while riding an e-scooter. It brings convenience, as one does not need to focus more on the dress and stay extra cautious while riding. With E-bikes, there are limitations to the attires one wears. Therefore, this is not that convenient an option as one has to be cautious about the dress, as it could lead to a shift in focus.


From the office to casual rides for fun, E-scooters prove a versatile option for a ride at all times. They are so compact and portable that you can ride an e-scooter to work in the morning and put it in the car trunk if you need to take a ride back home if in case it rains in the afternoon.. E-bikes also are a very comfortable, high-energy efficient, and cost-effective mode of traveling and bring in the flexibility of the battery-powered pedal assistance.

4) Safety 

A) Lower centre of gravity 

Foot goes only inches off the ground while riding and so one feels more stability while riding the e-scooters. E-scooters become much safer here as one can easily balance the body movement with a ride to prevent any accident.

B) Ease of learning 

Learning to ride an electric scooter is more effortless, and kids get it into their habit faster than a bike.  There is no bar present in between your legs, and it becomes easier to jump off if there is a need. In addition to bringing the portability and the compactness, e-scooters assist with a greater comfort and are significantly easier to learn..E-bikes, on the other hand, are challenging to learn as they have restrictions. However, E-bikes assist you with extra comfort to cover miles with little effort.

C) Are your investments safe? 

The safety level increases with E-scooters as you can bring the scooter with you the whole time; you don't need to lock it outside with the risk of getting stolen. E-bikes, not being that compact and portable, have to be chained outside or locked in a manner that may make them vulnerable to getting stolen. Therefore E-scooters prove a better and safer investment.

5) Weight and maintenance cost

Electric scooters are made for more excellent durability and need low maintenance costs. Being the cost-effective means of transportation, powering a high performance, you can get the taste of the electric mobility lifestyle without burning your pockets. On the other hand, E-bikes are costlier and have a high maintenance cost due to a complex configuration. 

6) Cost Price 

E-scooters, on the whole, are significantly more affordable than E-bikes. They are two to three times cheaper as compared to E-bikes with comparable performance. However, when we talk of performance, E-bikes are the best option for long-distance rides. Good quality bikes from trusted manufacturers can usually take 80-120 kilometers with one charge.

Which one to choose- Your choice depends on your priorities!

The decision to choose between the two could be challenging as both electric scooters and E-bikes have revolutionized the world of micro-mobility. Though there are many factors relating and differentiating the two, there can be conclusive evidence drawn based on some of the illustrating factors mentioned above for comparing them. 

Based on these factors, you can compare and choose the better of the two. So please sit back and look into these two alternative modes of transportation, study them entirely around features and usability, and then make the best-suited choice for you.