Do Celebrities Care About The Environment?

Who says celebrities don’t care about the environment? Many celebrities are advocates for green living. From Jane Fonda to young millennial, Emma Watson, Hollywood is brimming with stars determined to protect the earth and inspire others to do the same.

Does Eco-friendly fashion have a place in the glamorous lives of celebrities? Apparently so.

Many high profile people in the fashion industry say fair trade, sustainable and environmentally conscious products are the way to go. These celebrities are bringing attention to issues that affect all of us.

The fact that they are leading the way for ensuring the products we buy are sustainable is admirable, and that they are doing so with style makes it even better. Leaving giant carbon footprints everywhere is not chic.

It’s important that we question the story behind the products we purchase. Our natural resources are being depleted and unless we begin to make changes, our planet is in a lot of trouble.

The way we live, what we consume, and how we travel are all coming into question, and rightfully so. The good news is there are alternatives. We don’t need to make changes all at once. With a few lifestyle changes, we can begin to slow down the wasting away of our planet a step at a time.

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Many people are riding e-scooters these days. Who knows, you might even run into Hugh Jackman scooting down the street with his wife and daughter!