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Avoid the Extra Fees That Comes with Cars

Keeping up with cars can be expensive and draining. Cars are used primarily as a source of transportation. Trusting your car to be reliable is tough because they are unpredictable. One day your car is running perfectly, the next day you get a flat tire, and so on. A car inconvenience can set off your whole schedule and tear apart your day. 

EcoReco Scooters are here to ensure a reliable source of everyday transportation. With our e-scooters, there are no surprises or tough days. Our eco-friendly device will get you to your destination on time and save you money! 

Why Pay More When You Can Pay Less 

Finding a parking spot on a busy day can be hectic. Sometimes you have to park outside the store for someone to come out so you can find a spot. On the other hand, maybe you’re out with friends one night and decide to go to the beach for summertime fun. When you get there, it’s either paid garage or meter parking. Pay parking stations can be expensive and add up over time. 

Cars always require maintenance. Typically, every 5,000 miles a car needs an oil change. If the oil is not changed, the car engine will start to wear and eventually shut down. Regular tire rotations are also equally important. Tire rotations provide balance when driving and also prevent wear and tear on the front wheels. If your tires aren’t rotated, they’ll become uneven and wear out quickly. Other things that require maintenance includes battery clean-ups, fluids, air filters, gas, etc. 

Furthermore, cars come with hidden fees! For example, replacing your tires can be expensive. Another example is towing services. If you’re out one day and your car decides not to start, you may need to get it towed. Towing services usually charge by the mile, which can get pricey depending on the location. Don’t forget, you have to get a new car registration and inspection every year. Oh, where did all your savings go? Well, your car, unfortunately. 

Why Choose an EcoReco E-scooter? 

When you choose an EcoReco e-scooter, you save big! Our e-scooters are lightweight and portable, so you never have to worry about paying for parking. You can enjoy your beautiful surroundings without running up the parking meter. 

The e-scooters also require low maintenance. You can charge them at the comfort of your own home and ride up to 500 miles for only $1. Avoid the extra car fees by choosing an EcoReco scooter today!