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Newly released EcoReco L5 is a big sized, performance scooter with 8" Polyurethane (PU) filled front wheel, solid rear wheel, and a highly efficient motor. It's equipped with 2 exposed aggressive rear suspensions to offer an unmatched comfort and stability. It is designed with a rougher style for a bigger rider and to handle bumpier road conditions. FREE SHIPPING now.
Please note we are currently out of stock on all L5's. The upcoming July batch had also been claimed by pre-orders as of June 18. The next available shipment is expected to arrive in early August. Don't wait and pre-order yours today.
Comfortable & Safe Ride
      • Rear-wheel drive and brake for max traction and stability
      • Patented folded handlebar & deck
      • Full suspension and front/ taillight
  Green & energy-efficient system
      • Zero-emissions, silent motor
      • 2,000+ MPGe, 500+ Miles on $1
      • Energy Recovery Braking system (E.R.B.)
  Compact and light weight
      • Fits in car trunks and under chairs
      • Perfect for public transportation, RVs, and boats
  High performance integration
      • Top speed configurable at 25, 12, 7 mph
      • 15-30 miles of range per charge*
      • Great torque for up to 20-30% incline*
      • Zero-drag hub motor, heavy duty with 290 lb load
  Consistent Range & Fast Charging
      • High-density Li-ion battery for best power/weight ratio
      • Consistent range under most temperature conditions
  Advanced features
      • Safe-start throttle, 3 stage braking
      • LED back-lit dashboard, top/stem gadget mounts
The difference between L5 and L5+ is the battery size. L5+ has 33% more capacity than L5

Energy efficiency: 2,000 MPGe*/ 500 miles on $1 / Energy Recovery Braking
Agile & comfortable: Top speed 25 MPH*
Sturdy and stylish: Aggressive front & rear suspension
Rangy & efficient: 14 to 32 miles per charge*
Heavy duty: 38 lbs. / Max 280 lb load
Comfortable & Safe Ride: Rear-wheel drive and brake
Fast-charge time: 2 hrs to 80%
LED back-lit dashboard
High-performance full suspension
Safe-start, smart brake and omni-directional taillight
All-purpose gadget mount for your phone, Go-Pro, camera and all accessories
*Depending on the weather/road conditions and rider's weight/riding patterns, actual results might vary.