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How the Reverse Auction Deal works
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Here are 3 simple steps to get the best deal out of our EcoReco pre-owned electric scooters!

What is RAD (Reverse Auction Deal)?
A: A selling platform on which price will drop at set intervals (every 12 hours) by a set amount, until someone hits buy. The game is to beat everyone else to a great deal – but don’t wait too long, or it will be gone!

How do I get the best deal?
A: Here are a few tips
. Learn about the product via the rest of our website, and make sure this is the deal you want.
. Look at the number of other people watching this deal; the more there are, the faster you’ll need to act to pick up the deal at the price that works for you.

Share and start!
. In order to be eligible for this deal, you need to share the page on Facebook by clicking ‘SHARE!’ to qualify as a buyer.
. That’s all - hit BUY, and be RAD!
EcoReco M3/M5 is an eco-friendly, efficient, portable, and smart electric vehicle, designed for an adult and everyday urban use. Whether you’re going the distance or that extra mile, it provides a convenient and economic ride for you, and cleaner air for all.

Energy efficiency: 2,000 MPGe*/ 500 miles on $1
Agile & comfortable: Top speed 20 MPH*
Sturdy and stylish: 6061-T6 aircraft Aluminum
Rangy & efficient: up to 20 miles per charge*
Long battery cycle life: 2000+ charge cycles
Fast charge time: 2 hrs to 80% and 4.5 hrs to full
We will rate our RAD scooters as follows:

Looks new and is in excellent mechanical condition
• Does not need reconditioning
• The body is free of wear or visible defects
• Wheels are flawless
• Tires are like new
• passed a safety inspection

Very good
Has minor cosmetic defects and is in excellent mechanical condition
• Has had minor paint touch-up and/or bodywork
• Requires minimal reconditioning
• The body has minimal signs of wear or visible defects
• Wheels are flawless
• Tires have 75% or more of tread remaining
• passed a safety inspection

Has some repairable cosmetic defects and is free of major mechanical problems
• May need some servicing
• The body may have minor scratches or dings may require minor touch-ups
• Has minor blemishes characteristic of normal wear
• Wheels may have minor repairable scratches or scrapes
• Tires have at least 50% of tread remaining
• Though it may need some reconditioning, is still in reasonable running condition and has passed a safety inspection
Q: When will I get the product
A: We will ship out via UPS in 1-2 business days

Q: What is the warranty I can get for the pre-own units
A: 2 Year warranty on the scooter and 1 year on the battery

Q: Return policy
A: 1. 100% money back due to manufacturing defects that make the scooter beyond repairable/replacement.
2. Full scooter cost refund (minus both way shipping) for return of unopened items.
3. We offer a 30 day return window if a customer has a change of heart on an opened scooter. However, we will not be able to refund the 2 way shipping costs, and we will charge a 20% restocking fee. This fee compensates us for the time it takes to inspect and re-verify the integrity and quality of the unit. If there is serious damage to the scooter which occurred while it is in your possession, we would also need to charge for the costs of spare parts and labor for the repair.

Please understand that we are a startup company trying to promote energy efficiency and green alternatives. We believe that during your scooter research, you would have learned that our product is not only the best last mile transportation, but also a great value considering the high quality of all our components. We stand behind our products 100%, but we also need to make sure our business remains viable as we grow. To do that, we need to ensure that our return policy is not open to exploitation.
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