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Classic M5 with the LiFePO4 battery, the most advanced and durable battery for consumer-graded personal electric vehicle. All units currently shipped with solid tires and red wheels.      

    Comfortable & Safe Ride

        • Rear-wheel drive and brake for max traction and stability
        • Full-size handlebar & deck
        • Full suspension

      Green & energy-efficient system

        • Zero-emissions, silent motor
        • 2,000+ MPGe, 500+ Miles on $1
        • Energy Recovery Braking system (E.R.B.)

      Compact and light weight

        • Fits in car trunks, gym lockers, and under chairs
        • Perfect for public transportation, RVs, and boats
        • Folding size 3'x1'x1/2'

      High performance integration

        • Top speed configurable at 20, 12, 7 mph
        • 10-20 miles of range per charge*
        • Zero-drag hub motor, heavy duty with 250 lb load

      Long battery life & steady top speed

        • Extended charge cycle lifetime with LFP battery*
        • Consistent top speed throughout operation
        • Charges to 70% in 2 hours

      Advanced features

          • Safe-start throttle, 3 stage braking
          • LED back-lit dashboard, top/stem gadget mounts

      *Top speed, range and performance may vary depending on the rider weights, temperatures, environmental conditions, riding styles, usage, and other factors. *We constantly make product iterations/improvements so there might be changes between the images (color/parts) on our website and the actual unit you get. Please contact us in advance if you have any concerns.