EcoReco Model R Reservation
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Throttle (Classic) mode:
  • Indoor use, outdoor racing, cruise control, you can master the speeds at your finger under the classic Throttle mode. Or get the extra BOOST for hill climbing
  • You can also set up the top speed, and configure acceleration ramp-up using the EcoReco smartphone app.
Kick-Assist modes:
  • Kick-Ass Amplified mode is perfect when you want to exercise or ride the scooter stealthily. The smart sensors can read and calculate your kick, and push you faster and further with the electric power boost.
  • Kick-Ass Extended mode enables the longest range out of your scooter. It maintains the top speed you can reach from manual kicks until the battery runs out or the brake is pressed.
Other Advanced Features Include:
  • Dynamic Battery Switching System
  •  Built in Tile Tracking
  • Lightvigation 
  • Carefree Fall Notification
*Please note that this is just a pre-order to hold your place in line after the Indiegogo campaign backer's orders are fulfilled, and final product may vary slightly from photo due to final stages of development

1.     ENHANCED RIDE: Choose from 3 modes to customize your ride, including Throttle (Classic), Kick-Ass Amplified and Kick-Ass Extended modes for intuitive control, extended range, and stealth operation, respectively. You can also gain an extra boost for hill climbing, cruise control and configure top speeds and acceleration ramp-up right from the smartphone App.

2.     SAFETY: Put safety first, with turn-by-turn handlebar signal Lightvigation, signaling other vehicles with a patented flash frequency that increases in speed when you get closer to the turn. Emerging standard eBCAS (Early Bicycle Collision Avoidance System) enables cars to detect nearby connected EVs in any weather and patented Carefree Fall Notification which following an impact or fall sends GPS location to a designated emergency contact.

3.     SECURITY: An in-built tracking function based on a partnership with Tile allows users to easily find and recover scooters in cases of theft or a misplaced ride. Added security comes from a standard lock hole and smart lock controlled by either a configurable button sequence on the throttle unit or via the smartphone App as a proximity smart key, also allowing for remote access via temporary unlock codes. 

4.     FLEXIBILITY: Choose from 2 battery sizes with patented Dynamic Battery Switching; the "Lite" offering low costs, light weight, and portability and the “Pro” for max power and a longer range, easily installed in a forward or rear slot, ensuring that the scooter is never off-balance. The batteries can be used individually or simultaneously for extended range. Capabilities can be further expanded via a universal gadget mount for phone, GoPro and camera, offering on the go charging from a USB port on the throttle unit. The Model R accommodates a range of bike parts and 3rd party accessories. 

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