Newly released EcoReco L5+ is a big sized, performance scooter with 8" Polyurethane (PU) filled front wheel, solid rear wheel, and a highly efficient motor. It's equipped with 2 exposed aggressive rear suspensions to offer an unmatched comfort and stability. It is designed with a rougher style for a bigger rider and to handle bumpier road conditions.


Not forced to be in
an inclosed space
with a stranger.

Easily accessible
and affordable
way to travel.

Saves you money
with great
gas mileage.


In a world full of options, why choose an electric scooter to travel? Great question!

Here's what you need to know about the EcoReco L5:

Flexibility of Scooter allows for you to store the scooter in car trunks, gym lockers and under chairs.

Long gone are the days of having to tie your scooter on the top of your car everywhere you go !

The EcoReco L5 has bendable equipment that allows you to take your scooter with you in a trunk,

a suitcase or even a larger sized backpack!

How's that for scooter- on the go!

Safe-start, smart brake and omni-directional
taillight provides safety and security.

No need to worry about the dangers of safety!

The L5 comes fully prepared for whatever the road may bring with the latest in smart technology embedded into the tail lights

for each scooter.

You can feel safe enough to travel

in any condition.

All purpose gadget mount for your phone,
Go-Pro, camera and all accessories
gives you storage for your essentials.

Carry all of your essentials in

one place as you ride!

Never be concerned again about where to place your cell phone and other day to day essentials.

Our seamless gadget mount makes sure

that your devices are safe and sturdy

while you're on the L5.

Powerful enough to take
you on your local errands around town.

If power is what you're looking for when it comes to your next electric scooter, then the EcoReco L5 is definitely not lacking!

With its:

  • Top speed configurable at 20, 12, 7 mph


  • 14-28 miles of range per charge*


  • Great torque for up to 20-25% incline*


  • Zero-drag hub motor, heavy duty with 280 lb load


You be able to travel to your favorite grocery outlets, shopping stores and hangout spots as easy as ever!

Light-weight material allows
you to be able to carry it on-the-go.

What makes our EcoReco L5 so unique

is its ability to carry such torque and authority on the road all while remaining light-weight enough to carry in your hands.

With other scooters in the industry,

you have to purchase a whole separate device to be able to lug your scooter around.

Well EcoReco heard our customers loud

and clear and understood your need to be able to travel with your scooter.

That was our driving force to creating

such a satisfying product.