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2016. EcoReco is on Engadget.
2016. EcoReco is on Jimmy Kimmel Live.
2016. EcoReco is on Yahoo! Finance.
2016. EcoReco is on LA TIMES.
2016. EcoReco is on The Verge.
2016. EcoReco is on Gizmag.
2016. EcoReco is on WIRED.
2015. EcoReco is on Sports Illustrated -Justin Verlander & Anibal Sanchez ride EcoReco scooters.
2015. EcoReco is with Detroit Tigers.
2015. EcoReco teams up with Pittsburgh Pirates.
2015. EcoReco is on LA Times top gift guide.
2015. EcoReco on New York Magazine.
2015 EcoReco is on Inc. Top 10 Eco-Friendly Gadgets
2015. EcoReco is on Engaget 17 of the slickest electric rides
2015. EcoReco is on Natural News 7 Ways to a Greener Commute
2015. EcoReco is on slate.com
2015. EcoReco is on Crave online
2015. EcoReco is on Good Morning San Diego TV News
2015. EcoReco is on BBC Autos EcoReco M3 is the scooter for commuters
2015. EcoReco is on AutoWeek
2015. EcoReco is on Gadget Flow
2015. EcoReco is on Electric Ride Review
2015. EcoReco is on TWIT TV episode- Before You Buy
2015. EcoReco is CES Live Official Transportation
2015. EcoReco is on PSFK CES 2015: The Big Push on Personal Transit Vehicles
2014.12. EcoReco is on CNBC Gift Guide 2014-offbeat tech gifts
2014.12. EcoReco is on 2014 Eco Holiday Gift Guide- The Best Gadget
2014.11. EcoReco Scooter is on air with SF Giant Hunter Pence
2014.11. EcoReco is on Earth911
2014.10. New EcoReco review on Geek Beat TV!
2014.10. EcoReco is on Good Morning San Diego TV News!
2014.9. EcoReco is on Electric Bike Choice
2014.8. EcoReco will be at Interbike , AltCar Expo and CES 2015
2014.8. EcoReco is on Geek Beat TV
2014.8. EcoReco is featured on Electric Bike Action Magazine
2014.8. EcoReco is on TECHFASTER EcoReco’s M3 E-Scooter Is The Ultimate Last Mile Vehicle
2014.7. EcoReco is on Coolest Gadgets M3 E-Scooter will make going to work a nostalgic affair
2014.6. EcoReco is on FOX11 News
2014.6. EcoReco is on Yahoo! Digital Crave -A sturdy scooter on steroids
2014.5. EcoReco got a great review from Tree Hugger and Gadget Review
2014.5. EcoReco is on CBS and KTSF 26 TV program
2014.5. EcoReco will be at Makers Faire this year visit EcoReco on May 17 & 18
2014.5. Meet EcoReco and Spot our truck in LA 5/3-5/4 Santa Monica Bike Expo link
2014.4. New review from Examiner: Consider a scooter for your large commercial property
2014.3. EcoReco's RecoMobile truck is back from LA road trip Meet EcoReco on Facebook
2014.2. Turbo Bob reviewed EcoReco M3! Read review
2014.2. EcoReco's got some great reviews on Youtube, check out our YouTube playlist
2014.1. EcoReco's story is on Best Stuff, Examiner and World Journal
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