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Update #3: Week 1 BIG Update

(What a  great first week!! We have a lot to share!)
  1. Thank you from the team
  2. New accessories and stretched goals announcements
  3. Unlocked- Free EcoReco smartphone mount for every Model R backer!!
  4. The Sony N referral contest is sill a wide-open race: 4 people with just one scooter referral.
  5. Major content editing of our campaign

Thank you to all of our awesome backers!

We raised more than $180k in one week and blew past our initial sales goal by 360%. We could not have accomplished this without your enthusiastic support and word of mouth. Don't forget to share your referral link [See Update #2, how-to PDF] to receive $60 per referred R purchase, a free Model R, or a Sony Concept N. New accessories and stretch goal announcements


What do you think? Do you prefer a hand grip or a shoulder strap? Let us know!! Please share your ideas or questions about any new accessories, and stretched goals in the comments section.

Free Smartphone Mount for every Model R backer

Everyone who has backed a Model R perk will receive a free customized EcoReco Smartphone Mount. ($49 value, you can still purchase an extra as a backup.)

Let's see how much higher we can push this campaign. The more backers we get, the easier it is for us to get free perks from our partners. Please share your referral link!!

Wide open race for the Sony N referral contest

Quite a few of people are tied for first place with just one scooter referral. You can certainly beat that, right? Getting the extremely exclusive Sony Concept N could be just as easy as clicking the share button on your referral link (how-to PDF). Your chance is as good as anyone. 😉

Major content editing of our campaign

We have also done several updates in regards to the campaign content:

  • Backing EcoReco Model R is as risk-free as it can get for any crowdfunding campaigns! you could choose to swap your Model R and battery pledge for any of our existing models if there is any delay of our Model R production.
  • New FAQ section
  • New throttle and dashboard image revealed


We have more surprises for you guys in the upcoming days so stay tuned.

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