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EcoReco Partners With Tile App

It’s completely awful when you lose something important. Those times when you can’t find your car keys, wallet, cell phone or some other important necessity. Thankfully, there’s new technology to help locate your most important items. The Tile App is working to make sure that you never lose another item again.

  Simply attach the “tile” to whatever you lose the most, and then download the app to your smart phone. Whenever you can’t find your items, open the app to see the last place you had the item on a map. Once you get close, make the tile ring to make it easy to find. Even if your phone is on silent in the couch cushions, you’ll still be able to locate it using the tile’s ring. The Tile App is perfect for anyone who misplaces their things, and makes life much easier for just about everyone.   That’s why EcoReco Scooter partnered with the Tile App. You might not think it would be easy to lose a scooter, but the EcoReco models fold up to 3 ft. x 1 ft. x 6 in. It’s small enough to put into a locker, under a desk or to easily get lost under a couch or bed. With the Tile App in its Model R series, you’ll never be scrambling to remember where you put your scooter when you’re running to work. Simply pull open the app and locate your ride.   In addition to being small and compact, EcoReco Scooters are battery powered with a rechargeable battery that plugs in to any outlet. The battery can take you 10 to 20 miles on a single charge. It goes up to 20 miles per hour, so you can move quickly without breaking a sweat. Plus, there’s a universal gadget mount for cameras and video recorders, in case your commute is extremely scenic. EcoReco Scooters are the perfect green alternative for your daily commute.