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E-Scooters are For More Than Commuting!

Do you like the idea of owning an e-scooter but work at home so you don’t have to commute? E-scooters are for more than commuting! Owning an e-scooter, especially an EcoReco, will change your life in so many ways.

How well do you know your neighborhood? How about your city or town? Your EcoReco is your ticket to touring.

Here’s how:

If you’ve ever been on vacation in a new city or country, you probably know that one of the best ways to get to know an area is by walking around on foot. Driving in a car, you miss everything in your peripheral vision—that is if you’re keeping your eyes on the road for safety sake. Riding the bus or ubering is a little easier, but nothing compares to hoofing it. Until now.

The point of view you have when riding an electric scooter is almost as good as a brisk sightseeing jaunt. It allows you to be much more intimate with your surroundings than being trapped in a vehicle. Just ask Queen Latifa!

Whether in your car, on a bus or in an uber, you’re confined to roads and thoroughfares. Exploring your neighborhood or venturing out into the city on your EcoReco allows you to be in touch with the sights you’d otherwise miss. Experiencing the details on buildings, the sounds that give your neighborhood its character—all are heightened when on your e-scooter.

Experience the texture of the roads and streets. Listen to the buzz in the city—the music and laughter and experience the activity in a way no other transportation provides. Smell the foods of street vendors and in dining districts.

Riding your EcoReco through the city is the next best thing to walking and it’s portable so you can carry it easily if you stop along the way! It makes the perfect travel companion as well as commuting solution.