Designed for commuter and all, EcoReco is the minimalist among all PEVs.

When others choose to design a rack to carry an e-bike, EcoReco builds an e-scooter to the minimum such that you don't need a rack at all! M3 goes up to 20 miles on a single charge, covering your last miles and beyond. 10553925_758390180871115_5852796581886202694_o
When you plan a trip with your EV, this is what we meant Personal Mobility Redefined. EcoReco electric scooter is designed to be a minimalist for all.
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Bring it with you without thinking about 48 only bike space on the Caltrain or 2 bike racks in front of a bus, that's awesome for all commuters.
Stand out from the pack! EcoReco is compact, convenient and goes wherever the crowd takes you.