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College Back to School Essentials

Fall semester is here and classes have just begun! Transitioning from summer vacation back into school mode isn’t a walk in the park. It’s important to create a check-list to determine the items you’ll need for the school semester. Check-lists are needed to help you stay organized and cross out items that you may already have or need to purchase. Here’s a list of some back to school essentials that every college student need on their check-list this semester: 


Planning helps keep everything in order. In college, you probably have up to three classes a day. Though this may seem like a light load, things start to pile up very quickly. Planning will help you stay on top of homework and extracurricular activities. Planners can also be used to create daily or weekly to-do lists to help prioritize your day-to-day schedule. 

There are many different planner options, choose the one that works best for you. Some students like to use their phones as planners to schedule themselves daily reminders. On the other hand, some students like to make sticky notes and place them on a mirror or a desk to set reminders. 

Cleaning and Laundry Supplies

Cleaning and laundry supplies are essential for every college student. Students living away from home or off-campus must learn to be independent and clean after themselves. Most college campuses have designated laundry areas. Purchasing a laundry bag helps distinguish clean clothes from the clothes that need to be washed. Schools will not provide detergent or fabric softener, so it’s important to make these purchases before heading to school for the semester. 

Equally important, every student needs cleaning supplies whether they’re living in dorms or off-campus. Examples of important cleaning supplies include disinfectant wipes, broom, mop, hand soap, towels, hand sanitizer, etc. These supplies encourage the students to keep their area clean and tidy. 

Coffee Maker 

Every college student will encounter late nights or early mornings. Coffee will help give the brain a boost and promote alertness. Whether a student is pulling an all-nighter or waking up early in the morning to study, coffee helps them regain focus and push through the day or night. Additionally, research shows the antioxidants found in coffee improves memory, which allows students to focus more on lectures. 

EcoReco E-Scooter 

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