M3      E-Scooter
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M3 is the entry-level EcoReco model to lead you into the new era of personal transportation, designed solely for sophisticated adults.
Widely considered the most practical and exciting last mile solution at its introduction, M3 is the ground-breaking product that put the EcoReco brand on the map and became the flag-bearer of the electric scooter renaissance.
Sturdy aircraft-quality frame, full-size handlebar and foot deck, sleek and reliable design. Everything about EcoReco M3 screams high quality, classic, and style.
The LFP battery in the M series is the most advanced battery material for personal transportation applications. LFP is extremely stable in comparison with Li-ion batteries, and it offers steady top speed/acceleration regardless of charge levels - and a longer battery cycle life to boot. EcoReco is one of very few companies which offer this battery option for consumer products.
A brushless hub motor inside the rear wheel ensures great traction for hill climbing, and as a result the motor is drag-free when manually kick-assisted. It also makes sure a safe stop at higher speed without risks of fly-over.
LED backlit dashboard, Safe-start acceleration and 2-stage Smart Brake give you full control and no-compromise safety from start to finish.
Comes standard with extra durable dual-density rubber tires for a smoother ride; a front air tire option is also available.
The M3 is durable, reliable, and delivers excellent performance suitable for most road conditions.
The patented adjustable folding mechanism provides long-lasting tightness even after years of usage.
A thoughtful wheel-to-frame ratio for the best balance of compactness and performance.

With millions of real miles of road operations since 2013, the EcoReco M3 is a proven classic for everyone to hop on and ride right away.

* Each scooter comes with one external charger.
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If your scooter is configured to top speed 12Mph out of the box, please follow this PDF to configure to 20mph or 7mph if needed

Energy efficiency: 2,000 MPGe*/ 500 miles on $1
Agile & comfortable: Top speed 20 MPH* configurable
Sturdy and stylish: 6061-T6 aircraft Aluminum
Rangy & efficient: up to 20 miles per charge*
Long battery cycle life: 2000+ charge cycles
Fast charge time: 2 hrs to 80% and 4.5 hrs to full
Motor output: 1 horse power (745W)
Each scooter comes with one external charger.
*Depending on the weather/road conditions and rider's weight/riding patterns, actual results might vary.